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David Hoptman is a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer now living in Santa Fe NM. David has been involved with teaching Photography for many years having a long resume of teaching venues in the USA and in Italy at the Lorenzo De Medici University in Florence. Most important for anyone wanting to learn about Photography is to enjoy the Creative Process! Knowing that people who sign up for photographic workshops all have things in common that they want to learn more about the art form and get better technically at using their camera’s and to gain a better understand of how digital technology can help them become better at making strong and eloquent imagery.

Tuscan Light Photographic Workshops began from my home and studio in the countryside of South Tuscany known as Marrema. Living in probably one of the most beautiful regions of Tuscany I began bringing my student from Florence to my home for visits and go on day shoots. The response was so positive that I decided to make a small business venture out of it in 2006.

Here are  just a few testimonials from Tuscan Light Photo Workshop attendee’s.

He is a total package.You do not go to take didactic lessons in classrooms but you go to see how an artist thinks and works. I wanted to get in his head and learn the way he looks at a scene and how he composes. How does he set up his camera? What is his workflow? How does he take a lot of pictures and then what is the post production in Photoshop? That is what you learn. Learning from David is like the movie ‘Roshomon’. Every one will see whatever they want to see. Besides learning photography you will also find that David is a fine human being, Sensitive and friendly. Kirit Vora M.D.

Thank you again for this amazing Tuscan Light Workshop in October2010. Shortly after checking out that we were all relatively technically oriented photographers David skipped the basics and led us directly to the compositional aspects of photography. David’s art school background and his life as an artist gave us totally new perspectives. I especially liked the exercises where he helped us catch the best view of a single subject and develop our own personal vision.

David Hoptman living in Santa Fe NM specializes in the Fine Art of architectural and interior photography. David can help you to style and interpret your interior photography and exterior photographic needs with the elegance of a fine artists which he is. Estates, Homes, Restaurants, Building projects are all part of his photographic repertoire with more than 30 years of experience. David’s architectural and interior work has been published nationally and internationally including magazines such as Architectural Digest, Sotheby’s,  Travel and Leisure etc. David’s strong points are styling and the capturing of existing lighting conditions in relationship to the organic aesthetic”s  of the architecture and the role it plays in its environment.