Composition is a Dynamic Process

Use you LCD Monitor to Compose Astonishing Photographs



                           USE YOUR LCD MONITOR TO COMPOSE                                                                                ASTONISHING PHOTOGRAPHS

You may own the most expensive photo equipment and have the latest array of software for tweaking your images but it’s all for naught if you haven’t quite figured out the fundamentals of how to put together a suitable well balanced composition. Creating a harmonious photographic composition is not easily accomplished or learned. With today’s sophisticated digital camera’s sporting high quality LCD monitors, each photo you make is instantaneously presented to you with zoom capabilities, histograms, shutter speed etc. The trick is to embrace this technology, if not you have overlooked your best opportunity to create and fine-tune your composition. The LCD Monitor is the best and only feature your camera has that can actually aid you in framing up your next great photograph. Just as there are clear guidelines that pertain to writing, music, sculpture etc. there are similar parameters that apply to the two-dimensional arts like painting, photography and printmaking. A strong composition regardless of the content generally makes the difference between a mediocre photograph and a poignant image. Continue reading “Composition is a Dynamic Process”