Creative Process The Source

Getting in touch with the source from where creative process roots is paramount to Process.

January 29, 2016




 davidhoptman_still life
davidhoptman_still life

Getting in touch with the source from where creative process roots is paramount to Process. Finding the mode within ourselves that brings about the outpour of expression from within the human psyche/spirit is for some of us a natural occurrence while for others there is a set of events that need to precede the actual moment or onset of creative process which is the harbinger that brings a certain tangibility to our thought and feelings. One should  have a basic set of tools at hand in order to begin the voyage from within. These tools or techniques to which I make mention are for the most part learned skills needing to be almost second nature so as not to get in the way of the delicate process of creativity. Example; a photographer having a firm grasp as to how tools affect the final outcome of his vision from the camera and lenses down to the process of printing the final image. The mastering of ones craft is a necessity to the creative artist. One also must have a deep seeded penchant that is tied to the need to express one’s self. This aspect of causality in conjunction with creative process is very difficult if not almost impossible to put a finger on so to speak. This elusive set of circumstances that need to be present in order for one to endeavor as an artistic being must be in some part learned, as well as intuited. The intuition that I speak of here is an elusive aspect to pin down in terms of recognition. One must first have sensitivity or awareness that is part of one’s inner self and culpable in the that it can be nurtured and at the same time enhanced so as to allow the artist to view other aspects of visualization not usually available to those that are not predisposed to creative process. In order to bring this type of awareness closer to the surface of consciousness there are initiatory exorcises that can help facilitate the stimulation of this underlying sensitivity.

One must find a method suitable to his individual personality that can become a sounding board so to speak in that when this process is actuated it brings about a slight shift in awareness allowing the conditioned responses normally taken for granted to be replaced by a finer more ethereal mindset that can more easily tap into the intuitive pool from which springs true mind stripped of preconditioning. There of course are many levels; this pool is profound, and the deeper one delve the more one must be willing to dismantle their self-constructed armoring and live as Art Warriors. {Art Warriors is a post coming soon}

One must be ready to re-invent the self; LIFE is the Creative Process. This is by no mean an easy thing to do because when one thinks of oneself the underlying person by which we associate our reality with is extremely dependent on a particular set of parameters that in respect truly make up the I of which we relate too. This process of which I speak takes place in a strange way somehow indifferent of time. Because the constraints of time are in another sense a type of conditioning that we as beings hold dear unto ourselves as an anchor to our known reality. Anytime we stray from a set of predetermined circumstances in that we look to creative process as a different reality we must be able to accept what we experience as substantial and just as tangible as the one of our every day physicality is to us. This adventure will take us to places that are foreign to our preconceptions of conditioned reality. The results are exciting mysterious and a birthing process all within the same moment.

There are artists, critics and there are appreciators. The choice is Yours…DH